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Tip N°7 : Sylvie’s video series to better speak FRench : some precious advice if you wish to buy a house in France

This is video 7 of the series ” Les vidéos conseil de Sylvie pour mieux parler et comprendre le français.” I have been interviewing Justin, an English student of mine who bought a house in Saumur 6 months ago about


In the series of ” Sylvie’s advice videos” to better learn and speak French, discover Video 6 with 10 expert tips given by a learner of French like you!

La galette des rois … a true French tradition

You only have until the 31st of January to taste our galettes! well that is for this year… in this video, you will discover all the secrets of the tradition! I’m enclosing a precious document with extra explanations downloadable here!

What resources you will receive for your French in 2019

Hello I’m Sylvie Reeves, the teacher and guide of passionate learners of French from all over the world. You see the pictures below, well last summer my husband Mark and I went to the Alps, and climbed a lot of

A comprehension game on how to use “Année” in French!


Free written and oral assessment of your level

A live webinar to learn the French wine-tasting expressions : no need to be an expert, it’s to prepare you for your next wine-cellar visits in France

Come and join a  live webinar about French and wine-tasting on the 14th of June at 7.30pm ( Paris time)! come and play around wines with Alanna, a Canadian student and friend and Janet, an English student and friend and

D-Day for your French : I’m treating you to 2 free gifts as an invitation to discover FLAIR à la carte

Have access to your free gifts here , using this shortened google link: If you wish to learn more useful things about French language and French culture, you are at the right place! If you are a passionate learner

Live webinar : Learn French vocabulary and expressions about wine-tasting

I am inviting you to a fabulous web-workshop on the 3rd of May at 7.30pm ( Paris time) Beforehand, you can watch the video teaser here : You will learn how to speak French when you go wine-tasting We


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