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Fun and practical French summer workshops – Register now!

Come and join my fun and practical French summer workshops! Register here :

Open day at Parfum de France Language school – 14th of May from 1pm to 8pm

Watch this video if you want to kickstart your lessons in French ! Come and meet me and some of my students : learners of French and also French people learning English : on the 14th of May from 1pm

Pronunciation video for frequency adverbs

In this video, I am helping you with pronoucing a few adverbs of frequency in French. We use frequency adverbs a lot when we want to talk about our favourite hobbies or daily actions. With adverbs, you give more details

April – May – June : Short break special spring offers to taste our art of living in Fontevraud abbey

Hello dear guests who have been to our gite !   Here are is a video of the year 2018 at our gite la Samsonelle in Fontevraud l’Abbaye : Spring has sprung, take a peep at our special SPRING

To learn how to speak French fluently, do it with FLAIR!

Discover straight away the presentation video of the premium French learning programme – 4 SAISONS POUR APPRENDRE À PARLER FRANÇAIS COURAMMENT to start fulfilling your dream to one day speak French fluently .. do it with FLAIR •Picture yourself, totally at

An oral comprehension exercise from lesson-file 2 ” Acheter quelquechose”

Le français In Situ was inaugurated last week! Your A to Z of practical files for your French learning. Take a peep at the e exercise video from ” Acheter quelquechose ” Welcoming a visitor you will learn how to

Watch NOW the presentation video of the lesson file ” Accueil d’un visiteur”

Le français In Situ was inaugurated last week! Your A to Z of practical files for your French learning. Take a peep at the presentation video of the file ” Accueil d’un visiteur” Welcoming a visitor 1) you will learn

Replay of the webinar Le Français In Situ

I really hope you were able to attend the conference français In Situ on Thursday evening If not, don’t worry, here is the link above to have access to the replay of this exceptional evening : Here is what you will get

Tip N°7 : Sylvie’s video series to better speak FRench : some precious advice if you wish to buy a house in France

This is video 7 of the series ” Les vidéos conseil de Sylvie pour mieux parler et comprendre le français.” I have been interviewing Justin, an English student of mine who bought a house in Saumur 6 months ago about


In the series of ” Sylvie’s advice videos” to better learn and speak French, discover Video 6 with 10 expert tips given by a learner of French like you!


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