FLAIR : to learn how to speak French fluently

An original on-line video programme for your French with 12 convivial episodes filmed in the Loire. 

What is "Flair" ?

« FLAIR » means:
French as a foreign Language 
combined with Art of living  à la française 
around your areas of ’Interest 
to Revolutionise your progress in French

You do want to speak French fluently whilst getting to grips with the French culture? You have come to the right place !

Dive into a virtual immersion as if you were in France!

Get inspired from the positively convivial experience and exchanges of learners of French like you who were filmed in real conversations in France!

Have a virtual taste of the atmosphere in our region!

You will learn the French that you need when you holiday in France or for when you come and live in France permanently.

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Enjoy practising your French

An exceptional human and language adventure


 to posivitely change your practice of French for ever

  • You will talk about your favourite topics in varied situations
  • You will have fun with convivial and joyful exchanges
  • You will no longer feel alone once you are familiar with « entraide » helping each other
  • You will keep ongoing conversations even with mistakes

Gain access to

Exhaustive video episodes filmed in real conversations in the heart of the Loire-vidéo complets filmés en situations réelles de communication au coeur du Val de Loire

With FLAIR , you have access to French and the French culture through rich episodes filmed in   Fontevraud l’ Abbaye et 

Each episode is based on a themed video filmed with learners of French like you coached by French native speakers in real conversations.  Fun activities illustrate the difficulties linked to each theme.

You will be inspired to do the same !

I will be accompanying you on the way to improving your French, gain confidence in exciting exchanges that will help you to make progress at your own pace.

Programme contents

Click below to see the contents for each episode

Each episode begins with an introduction and some advice and explanations about the topic at hand and its main uses.

You can do all the activities again in replay, download al the PDF and MP4 , wherever you are, whenever you want!

Mind-maps commented by your teacher about grammar, vocabulary or civilization; zooming in on grammar : verbs, tenses; vocabulary bilingual lexicons about the studied theme.

You can exchange with passionate learners of French like you on the private e-learning platform on my Facebook page or on my YouTube channel.

Examples of "FLAIR" toolbox

Themed vocabulary activities

Each episode illustrates a different theme for which you will learn dedicated vocabulary and expressions.

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Grammar activities

You will study grammar from active communication, in context, not theoretically!

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Pronunciation activities

During all the episodes you will get the chance to practise your spoken French by recording yourself a lot .

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Fabulous bonus materials

When buying « FLAIR, you get bonus materials extremely precious for your French!


Themed audio-visual mindmaps

These maps will soon be of use to you. They are great to help you memorize vocabulary, grammar or civilization!

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bilingual lexicons

The English language being so widespread, I think many of you will appreciate the practical aspect of these French-English bilingual lexicons!

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Personalised coaching is included with corrected homework, email exchanges and individual Skype sessions. Of course you can order extra Skype sessions

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With » FLAIR », you enjoy precious bonus materials enabling you to make progress in your French learning such as :

Exciting civilisation webinars where you will dive into the sensations où vous plongerez dans of French history and culture with Eleonor of Aquitaine for example.

Fun web-workshops : Vanessa who runs the  Secret des Papilles company will teach you about wine-tasting and unveils numerous secrets through fun quizzes

Themed audio-visual mindmaps zomming in on the topic of the episode with explanations about grammar, vocabulary, or expressions are included in the programme.
They are made to measure!

French-English lexicons linked to the studied themes of each episode will be easily used by you! 

Personalised interactive coaching is guaranteed : via the comment section on each page 

1 annual live event at preferential rate : 
2 magical events in Fontevraud l’Abbaye
organised by Parfum de France  
Limited places


My students are talking about FLAIR

My students explain to you how FLAIR transformed their French and their life in France!

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A sample of the 12 FLAIR episodes

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  • To speak convivial French
  • To learn new vocabulary
  • To learn expressions of everyday French
  • To improve your pronunciation
  • To consolidate your grammar
  • To pronounce better
  • To practise more
  • To have more confidence
  • To improve your speaking
  • To talk about your favourite topics


FLAIR 6 months


  • AND the season 1 in 12 exhaustive episodes
  • 7 BONUS: 3 civilisation webinars, 3 web-workshops, 1 reading workshop, 12 audio-visual mindmaps, 12 bilingual lexicons, 1 magical event at Fontevraud abbey at preferential rate
  • Duration : 6 months (120h of activities – pre-intermediate to advanced levels
  • Personalised coaching with 1 h of email follow-up, 3 corrected homeworks and 1h individual Skype session


VIP – FLAIR 6 months


  • 7 BONUS: 3 civilisation webinars, 3 web-workshops, 1 reading workshop, 12 audio-visual mindmaps, 12 bilingual lexicons, 1 magical event at Fontevraud abbey at preferential rate
  • Duration: 6 months (120h of activities – pre-intermediate to advanced levels
  • Personalised coaching with 2 h of email follow-up, 4 corrected homeworks and 2h of individual Skype sessions


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