At Parfum de France French learning succeeds thanks to the emphasis on active communication with constant support from your skilled teacher. Whether you join an immersion course, regular classes or a seasonal workshop, you will make the intimate discovery of the French language and culture in an extremely peaceful environment.

Do not worry if you are not the best of language learners. All levels are welcome.

– At Parfum de France language classes are totally tailored to your needs with each student getting that essential personal attention and speaking time to progress. Our flexible learning programmes mean that you can choose the type of course and the duration of class that suits you the best. Just contact Sylvie through our email link for your individually designed programme.

You can either opt for immersion courses at your teacher’s home or you can have a go at occasional or annual classes and seasonal workshops

Super intensive courses


– All inclusive super intensive courses for a week or two, in general or professional language combining the delights of French classes with the intimate discovery of our local heritage (architecture, wine and gastronomy, craftsmanship,…) with constant support from the teacher. MORE

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Unique themed immersion

The French country life is at its finest in the Loire valley. These unique themed immersion courses combine, hands-on workshops (cookery ,crafts, history or wine) ,themed visits ,wine tasting, and French language classes! Our programmes have been designed for French language lovers wanting to make the most of the French art de vivre in the Loire Valley, the Valley of the Kings in France, whilst brushing up their French!IMG_5215


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 A la carte immersion and family specials

A la carte immersion and family specials are lighter immersion programmes where you can still offer you on-site lodging with flexible hours of tuition, excursions and conversation classes over lunch. MORE

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Classes for French learners staying in the Loire Valley or living abroad

Individual tuition

By choosing tailor-made individual classes, you will maximise your results. As you are the only student, the lessons will go at your pace.


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Semi-individual tuition

Semi-individual tuition you will exchange with another student and gain from a real opportunity to interact in French.


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Small group classes

Enjoy a great deal of conviviality interacting with others of the same level.


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2014-05-16 13.14.08On the telephone or via Skype

Telephone classes are ideal for those who seek rapid progress and increased confidence in communication skills. At pre-arranged times, from 1 to 3 days a week, you are reached by your teacher for a 30mn session. Not suitable for elementary levels. Skype has the added value of being able to share screens and audio and video materials. MORE





Conversation classes around a mealrepasalalicorne

Have lunch or dinner in the gastronomic restaurant just opposite the language school whilst indulging in active conversation in a wide variety of situations. Not suitable for elementary levels. MORE

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French and Art de Vivre workshops

Local arts and craftscecileetlesfoudres

Cookery workshops

Wine-tasing sessions

And diving into the heart of Fontevraud history MORE

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French for professional useDSC09184

Companies or their staff are offered language programs totally tailored for them,

with the emphasis on effective communication in practical situations.

The programmes are developed on the basis of a needs analysis which defines the skills

and areas to be covered on the course and the grammatical and lexical items to be studied

in business situations MORE