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The on-line French that you absolutely need in themed practical files as if you were in france

What is "Le français In Situ" ?

« Le français In Situ » – current conversation topics filmed in France in real conversations where my students show you what to do and how to do it t

It is really the on-line French that you cannot do without!

  • to learn to better speak and understand French.
  • to increase your confidence and have successful conversations in French.
  • to feel as if  you were in France ! thanks to the videos filmed with REAL STUDENTS like you.

You can have access to « le français In Situ » resources at any time, from anywhere. 



Why this concept of practical files?

Thanks to « le français In Situ »practical files, you will overcome your difficulties in French and make progress when you talk about current conversation topics in France!

  • First of all, you must know that « le « français In Situ » is not an ordnary list of pedagogical files! All the difficulties you have in French have been cross-referenced and connected with current conversation topics in France.
  • Secondly, the rich palette of PRACTICAL files available deals with the topics that you need very exhaustively and will make you feel as if you were in France! thanks to the videos filmed with REAL STUDENTS like you coached by Sylvie in Fontevraud l’Abbaye village and its surroudings.
  • Finally, you will learn French in situations and easily be able to use it yourself in everyday life, in your conversation clubs and with your French neighbours, friends or acquaintances.

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Course contents

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Each episode begins with an introduction and some advice and explanations about the topic at hand and its main uses.

You can do all the activities again in replay, download al the PDF and MP4 , wherever you are, whenever you want!

Mind-maps commented by your teacher about grammar, vocabulary or civilization; zooming in on grammar : verbs, tenses; vocabulary bilingual lexicons about the studied theme.

You can exchange with passionate learners of French like you on the private e-learning platform on my Facebook page or on my YouTube channel.

Unlimited access from your computer, ipad or smartphone

do the programme from where youwant whenever you want

A fascinating range of French themes approached In Situ

Dedicated learners of French and French natives show you how to practise them

With the activities that you need

Explanations and learning activities especially for you piloted by Sylvie !

Thanks to the videos filmed in the Loire valley, you are learning on-line but it feels like in France!

A lot of bonus materials

You have access to the programme on a dedicated e-learning platform where all the documents are downloadable with all the scripts – accessible for life !

Commented audio-visual mindmaps zooming in on a grammatical, vocabulary or civilization point.

Grammatical focus on verbs, tenses and so on.

Bilingual lexicons to help you memorize the expressions linked to the studied theme.

Enjoy personalised coaching on the e-learning platform via a comment section inherent to each page where you will interact with your teacher.

You can also request additional coaching.

You also have access webinars ( live or in replay) as well as a preferential rate for a magical event in Fontevraud abbey.

Here is a selection of practical files iincluded in  » le français In Situ »

Thanks to this practical file, you will gain in confidence when you meet new people or invite French speaking friends over for an aperitif, lunch or dinner. You will learn essential phrases and questions to be able welcome your visitors in French of course !

Whether you want to purchase something for yourself or for someone else, you need to learn the necessary skills for that. Although the scenes are in a shoe shop and in a jewellery shop, you can reuse a lot of vocabulary and expressions in other shops!

In this pratical file, you will improve your French to talk about your favourite leisure activities , sport as well as cultural activities, music. There are so many useful things to learn to cover this excellent topic! 

" le français In Situ" rates

Free lesson file « Le français In Situ »


  • 1 PRACITCAL FILE : 5 h of activities
  • 3 videos filmed in France with French and English subtitles
  • 4 actitives and quizzes
  • All documents downloadable with the whole script of the lesson file
  • Accessible for life

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1 month subscription to "le français In Situ"

12075 €

  • 4 PRACTICAL FILES : 20h of activities
  • 5 videos filmed in France with French and English subtitles
  • 6 activities and quizzes
  • French-English lexicons and commented audio-visual mindmaps
  • BONUS 1 : 1 civilisation webinar
  • BONUS 2 optional: – 20% discount for " FLAIR 6 month offer to learn how to speak French fluently "
  • BONUS 3 optional: an magical annual event at a preferential rate
  • All documents downloadable with whole script


3 month subscription to "le français In Situ


  • 12 PRACTICAL FILES : 70h of activities
  • 50 videos filmed in France with French and English subtitless
  • 60 activities and quizzes
  • French-English lexicons and commented audio-visual mindmaps
  • All documents downloadable and accessible for life
  • BONUS 1 : 1 civilisation webinar
  • BONUS 2 optional: – 15% discount for "vIP FLAIR – 6 month offer""
  • BONUS 3 optional: 1 magical annual event at a preferential rate


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