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September 2018

FESTIVINI WINE FESTIVAL From Saturday 3 to Saturday 10 September 2018 For the past few years, Saumur has been celebrating the art de vivre à la française with special events during the FESTIVINI wine festival : walks, gala dinner at

July 2018

 TWO-WEEK EVENTFUL IMMERSION COURSE IN THE HEART OF SUMMER + THE ROSE FESTIVAL+ AND THE CADRE NOIR SUMMER SHOW From Sunday 15 July to Friday 27 July Make the most of what Fontevraud and its surroundings has to offer in

June 2018

THE BOOK AND WINE FESTIVAL IN SAUMUR WINE AND LITERATURE FESTIVAL IN SAUMUR From Friday 15 to Monday 18 June 2018 An event featuring French literature and enhancing French wines Special offer : A short language break with 2 nights at

May 2018

  IN MAY  From Tuesday 15 May to Saturday 19 May 2017 Enjoy cycling alongside the Loire Treat yourself to a few language classes at the same time Special offer A short language break with 4 nights  in top quality

April 2018

SPECIAL HOLIDAY THEMED STAY «  Art de vivre and Culinary Delights » From Sunday 16 April to Saturday 21 April 2018 An all inclusive super intensive immersion course combining intensive French learning with the intimate discovery of our local heritage with

March 2018

BE MERRY FOR SAINT PATRICK’S DAY ! From Friday 16  March to Sunday 18 March or Monday 19 March 2018 An Irish atmosphere. Enjoy an aperitif concert listening to Irish music in your gîte! Before the concert, you will have studied

February 2018

SPECIAL VALENTINE DAY From Friday 15 February to Sunday 17 February 2018 or Monday 18 February 2018 Come and spend Valentine’s day in the cosy village of Fontevraud L’Abbaye Special offer : A short language break with 2 nights in  your


LES FOLLES JOURNEES AT THE ROYAL ABBEY OF FONTEVRAUD : even in January you can have a great time From Friday 26 January to Sunday 28 January or Monday 29 January 2017 Come and enjoy all the classical concerts held

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You want to have a good time ! Discover a short presentation clip about FLAIR ! use this shortened link : You can still have access to the replay of the fascinating conference to take off with your French


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