French courses

English courses

English courses

At Parfum de France language classes are totally tailored to your needs with each student getting that essential personal attention and speaking time to progress, in general or professional English

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Pronunciation video for frequency adverbs

In this video, I am helping you with pronoucing a few adverbs of frequency in French. We use frequency adverbs a lot when we want to talk about our favourite hobbies or daily actions. With adverbs, you give more details... Read more >

April 2018

SPECIAL HOLIDAY THEMED STAY «  Art de vivre and Culinary Delights » From Sunday 16 April to Saturday 21 April 2018 An all inclusive super intensive immersion course combining intensive French learning with the intimate discovery of our local heritage with... Read more >

Richard and Gilly Webb

10 October 2016 Dear Sylvie To save time, I’m sorry, but I’m writing in English as I also want to be able to thank you properly for our wonderful week with you. I have compiled an Album of photos which... Read more >

Our on-line courses

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Free written and oral assessment of your level in French

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The school

The School

Parfum de France offers a wide range of top-quality French and English courses tailored to individual or professional adult stu­dents  with the emphasis on effective communication in general or professional language in practical situations.

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