Staying at your teacher’s home, for a 3-day course or for the whole week, will enable you to be immersed in the English language without the distractions of your work commitments or environment.
Practising everyday ensures quicker progress and increased confidence.
General or professional classes are run at your teacher’s residence  for a 3-day formula with 22h30 of classes or 1 week immersion with 42h of classes including conversational activities outside the classroom. The contents of the excursions are adapted to professional people.

What’s included

  • You will be speaking French a minimum of 22h30 for a 3-day formula and 42h for a week immersion with class-linked activities,
  • on-site lodging in owner’s  4-star 140m2 gite or 50m2 loft
  • meals with your trainer
  •  local transport,
  • programmed visit entrance fees,
  • level assessment with certificate and course materials.

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