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Become operational in general or professional English with
Sylvie Reeves.

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Face to face courses

Private, duo or
mini group classes

Conversation classes around a meal

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Residential courses

3 days to 1 week on a residential course at your teacher’s home
Ideal to boost your English skills

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E-learning courses

Individual sessions on Skype or Zoom

Ideal to make quick progress orally

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Training courses for tourism professionals

Dedicated courses to welcome and give advice to
international tourists

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Welcome to Sylvie's language school

Registered language school

Parfum de France  is a language school located only 15 minutes away from Saumur. Its manager, Sylvie Reeves who is a French native and also perfectly bilingual in English and French , has been teaching French and English for over 35 years. She has dedicated her passion for languages to you!

Parfum de France offers a wide range of top-quality French and English courses tailored to corporate or individual students. The emphasis is on effective communication in practical situations. The school is based at Sylvie’s home next door to the royal Abbey of Fontevraud . Sylvie also teaches in local companies.

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Do you know what your English level is? I am offering to evaluate precisely your oral and written level. And we are also going to do your needs analysis in order to identify your objectives you want to reach.


General and professional English courses

Face to face

Become operational in English. Learn how to introduce yourself, present your company, comment a powerpoint document, describe a process… whilst improving your grammar. The communicative teaching approach based on dialogues in real conversations will provide you with essential spoken skills you will be able to use in numerous exchanges. You will learn how to think in English!

Teaching materials such as exercises and activities are non academic. These 1h30 sessions are designed to provide students with specific language skills related to their needs. The individual classes are tailor-made. The group classes offer the benefits of interacting with others of the same level or needs. 

How to introduce yourself and present your company



Private or duo conversation classes around a meal

A special 2h  conversation class with your teacher around a meal where you will indulge in active conversation in a wide variety of topics, general or professional .  You will gain in confidence and ease. Not suitable for elementary levels.

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General and professional English courses

Become operational in English with Sylvie Reeves

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English residential courses in the Loire

Residential English

General or professional English residential courses in Fontevraud l’Abbaye at your teacher’s home

Nothing beats a secluded intensive immersion course to boost your English learning skills. Courses run at your teacher’s home, either for 1 week( 42h) or over 3 days ( 22h30 )

You enjoy being away from your professional duties and practising English every day, which enables quicker progress.

You will be accommodated on your teacher’s property, in her 4-star gite La Samsonelle. Activities outside class are adapted to your professional needs

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Your accommodation in video

English residential courses in the Loire

Boost your English skills

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One to one e-learning classes

Skype or Zoom sessions

Increase your confidence and communicative skills thanks to individual Skype or Zoom sessions.  You can connect whenever you want, wherever you want, which is very useful when you are on a business trip

 You enjoy private coaching totally suited to your needs with the additional benefit of document sharing in real time.

At a pre-arranged time, you will be reached by your teacher for 30, 45 mn or 1 h,  once or several times a week. Not suited to elementary levels.

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Why learn English with Skype or Zoom

1 to 1 English e-learning courses

Boost your confidence and skills in English with Sylvie

English courses for tourism professionals

Mini-group classes

« Describe with accuracy Anjou and Saumur’s heritage to foreign visitors »   The participants will have hands on experience on how to enhance our local assets in 3 emblematic touristic sites : patrimoine local : they will learn how to welcome, direct and advise foreign tourists as well as improve sales techniques. A dedicated bilingual lexicon will be handed out to them at the end of the course.

Number of participants : 4
Duration : 20h
4 sessions of 5h
From 2pm to 7pm
Dates : to be arranged with the company

Rate: 300€ per person


1 to 1 coaching

«Increase your bookings with foreign visitors» A programme combining Skype or Zoom sesions with face to face individual classes aimed at increasing the participant’s skills on the phone and face to face.

Number of participants : 1
Duration: 21h
including 6 Skype or Zoom 30mn sessions

and 18h of face to face private tuition

Dates : to be arranged with the company

Rate: 1180€ per person

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Our videos on YouTube

You have always dreamt of being more at ease in English? However you do not make much progress easily! It is frustrating!

I am Sylvie Reeves, a French national married to an Englishman. I have always loved foreign languages.

I have created my YouTube channel only recently. My wish is obviously to offer you tutorials adapted to your needs as if you were in England, in the States or another English speaking country 

so please let me know what your English level, what is your best wish for your English and what is your biggest problem when learning it ?

So if you want to, please subscribe to my English channel.

Have a nice day! Sylvie

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Language school news and offers

Language school news and offers

At Parfum de France English learning succeeds thanks to the active discovery and experience of the language and the culture.

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24 March 2020
Actualités | Page So English

Bonjour à toutes et à tous! Avec la période déstabilisante que nous traversons, je voulais proposer mon aide à ceux et celles que cela intéresse 1) écrivez moi dans les

Des solutions So English pour votre business

15 February 2020
Actualités | Page So English

Sylvie Reeves vous propose de devenir opérationnel en anglais en optant pour des formations : en présentiel, en résidentiel ou à distance La première chose que Sylvie Reeves vous propose

Et maintenant une vidéo de Noël spécialement pour vous qui apprenez l’anglais

19 December 2019
Non classé | Page So English

Cette vidéo est mon cadeau de Noël : avec Cassie et moi, apprenez du vocabulaire et des expressions pratiques en anglais pour parler de Noël . Vous pouvez activer les

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