In general or professional language, if you live or work here all year round or are only here for a short stay, learn through :

Individual tuition

By choosing tailor-made individual classes, you will maximise your results. As you are the only student, the lessons will go at your pace..

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Semi-individual tuition

you will exchange with another student and gain from a real opportunity to interact in French.

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Small group classes

enjoy a great deal of conviviality interacting with others of the same level or needs

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 On the telephone or via Skype

2014-05-16 13.14.08Telephone classes are ideal for those who seek rapid progress and increased confidence in communication skills. At pre-arranged times, from 1 to 3 days a week, you are reached by your teacher for a 30mn session. Not suitable for elementary levels. Skype has the added value of being able to share screens and  audio and video materials




Conversation classes around a meal
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Have lunch or dinner in the gastronomic restaurant just opposite the language school whilst indulging in active conversation in a wide variety of situations. Not suitable for elementary levels.