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A wide range of French and English courses

Parfum de France offers a wide range of top-quality French and English courses suited to corporate and individual students.

At Parfum de France language classes are totally tailored to your needs with each student getting that essential personal attention and speaking time to progress. Our flexible learning programmes mean that you can choose the type of course and the duration of class that suits you the best. You can either opt for immersion courses at your teacher’s home or you can have a go at occasional or annual classes and seasonal workshops.Just contact Sylvie our for your individually designed programme.

At Parfum de France French learning succeeds thanks to the emphasis on active communication with constant support from your skilled teacher. Whether you join an immersion course, regular classes or a seasonal workshop, you will make the intimate discovery of your studied language and culture in an extremely peaceful environment.

Course are run in a dedicated room at Sylvie’s school, in your company and at your home. All levels are welcome.

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French and English immersion, face to face and on-line courses

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