What resources you will receive for your French in 2019

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Hello I’m Sylvie Reeves, the teacher and guide of passionate learners of French from all over the world. You see the pictures below, well last summer my husband Mark and I went to the Alps, and climbed a lot of moutains, we visited Chamonix and walked all day in Le Mont Blanc. 120 kms in 2 weeks! A lot of efforts and hard work. I managed to walk up to 2300m : at the beginning I thought I couldn’t make it but with positive thinking and joie de vivre I reached the top. the picture where we have our feet up was after the climbs …. ha ha

NOW WHAT HAS IT GOT TO DO WITH YOUR LANGUAGE LEARNING ? Well to improve it takes just that positive thinking, efforts and hard work and joie de vivre!

About 2 years ago, I thought I wanted to apply this recipe to help learners from all over the world ascend the mountain and fulfill their dream to speak French fluently one day. I have added 1 super ingredient, a great facilitator when you want to learn a language : learn it through culture! and it just so happens that I live in a historical village Fontevraud l’Abbaye boasting a spectacular abbey where 4 famous Plantagenêt kings and queens are buried : Richard the Lion Heart, Henri II, Eloenore of Aquitaine, Isabelle d’Angoulême! My language school is 200m away from the abbey, my street name is the abbey founder’s name : Robert d’ Arbrissel!

2 years ago, I had 250 fans on my facebook page, now you there are almost 10000 followers because I think they have liked the resources i have been sharing ! thanks ever so much dear fans.

Now here is my first question to you : are you learning French now? and if yes do you want to improve it with me?

Now here is my second question to you : you have been looking at my free resources but you have not been buying my paying resources very much. Can you tell me why? ( price, quality, content?)

Now my third question to you is not a question actually it’s a little prayer. If you did like my contents, could you PLEASE PLEASE subscribe to my YouTube channel : Parfum de France language school . I can see that people who watch my videos like them, but at the moment, people don’t seem to find me on YouTube, so if you were so kind as to subscribe to my YouTube channel, it would be great ,

I would be able to transmit what I have to transmit for your good sake, that is my mission, to accompany you to better speak and understand French. I am so thankful to all those who follow me every day in this great adventure, I really want to fulfill my dream : help a majority of people in the world to better speak French, that’s what I am on earth for, so have a very nice evening and a very happy new year. And please share with your potentially interested friends!

And now for the 2019 news, a new resource called le Français In Situ is due to be inaugurated very soon.

This resource Le français In Situ will provide you with practical files explaining just about all the difficulties related to a pre-intermediate to advanced level in French. So if you want to find out about the inauguration date of Le Français In Situ and have access of course to all the free and paying resources posted regularly, thanks for following me on Facebook and YouTube and sharing my posts!

Once again, a happy new year to you filled with joie de vivre! Bien amicalement Sylvie